How do I keep a strong coconut scent in cold process DIY soaps?
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Coconut scent is especially susceptible to "scent fade" in cold process soaps. Has anyone found a good coconut fragrance oil that stays strong after the proofing period? Or does anyone have any hints or tips on keeping the scent strong for a long time?
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Have you checked the product reviews at Wholesale Supplies Plus? I would slog through the reviews for all the different types of coconut fragrance they carry; there's usually a couple of people who will mention how it worked in cold process.
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Wholesale Supplies Plus, based in Cleveland, Ohio, offers many scented oils, and each listing has extensive info on using that particular oil, and even better, customer reviews! I think you will be able to find a coconut scent that will work for you.

This company caters to the folks that are making a business of scented products, bath and beauty and personal care items. I purchase raw materials from them on a regular basis and the quality is excellent.

They also can offer advice and are very knowledgeable regarding CP soapmaking.
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I just refreshed my page-points to MexicanYenta!
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