Wedding Pictures of Awesome and Win
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We're getting hitched, and would like our wedding pictures to be silly and delightful and fun to be in, not just fun to look at. Snowflakes inside.

The wonderful TWTBoy and I are getting married in October, elopement-style (planned in advance, local, not a secret, so not really eloping, but no guests and no party). It's important to both of us that we have some amazing pictures to mark the occasion, both for our own schmoopy purposes but also to share with friends and family.

We both hate posed pictures, though - both being in them and looking at them - so we're searching for ways to make them fun, silly, and somewhat interactive. It will be a little too cold for splashing in water (and I'm pretty sure that the wading pool in one of our preferred locations* will be emptied by then anyway, since October can be wintry here in Buffalo), and we don't want to do a silly string fight since leaving trash stuck to things in a public area seems like a crappy thing to do.

We've thought of water guns (if it's not too cold), and maybe mini-marshmallow guns (if it's not too hot), but there have got to be other fun options out there. I'm sure we'll do a small amount of "stand here, smile at each other, now kiss" photos, but we want the majority of them to be us being dorks doing something fun. (And yes, we're going to have this conversation with our photographer too.)

We're geeky, silly, not particularly athletic, and perfectly fine to get wet/dirty/messy in our photos. We're planning to be outside unless the weather is so bad it will damage the photographer's equipment (or the photographer), so assume weather could anything from warm and sunny to wet and mild to cold and snowing, though probably not enough snow to have a snowball fight.

tl;dr - what can we do outdoors post-wedding that the photographer can capture that's silly and fun? Activities do not need to be wedding-related. Wet/messy is OK; leaving trash in our wake is not.

*If you're familiar with the area, we're looking at the circle outside the courthouse and the Canalside area.
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i seem to recall being young and in a toy store and having a ridiculous amount of fun with some of these
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Cheesy: taking turns "catching" each-other (lassos, handcuffs, ridiculous hugs with lifting and goofy expressions)

Silly: jumping (the classic/generic up; next level: over things; advanced: hopscotch)

Nerdy: recreating favorite scenes from movies, books, comics, etc. (level up: re-create a whole scene with various poses)
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Is post-pic photoshopping an option? Google "dinosaur attack wedding photo" for one idea of how you can make fun/silly photos with a little PS help (omg Stay Puft). It would be really fun to try to create the scenarios that you would later add a fantastical element to. It could be anything that is fun or meaningful for you two (superheroes, Harry Potter, movie scene, a specific historical moment, etc).
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Blowing soap bubbles, flying kites, making shaving cream mustaches, playing badminton, playing croquet, pogo sticking
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Jumping in a pile of leaves?
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Have a pool noodle fight!
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Congratulations on your impending nuptials!

- Hula hooping (with gold-painted hoops evocative of wedding bands)
- Hilariously gigantic anime-style sword fight
- Very Serious Photo, with Very Serious Pose and Very Serious Expressions, except you're both wearing Groucho Marx glasses-and-moustaches

If you're doing any of this in the evening, and have time for long exposures . . . .

- Get strings of battery-operated, micro LED lights, wrap them around yourselves and dance.
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Do sets of family groupings, whether or not they are super-posed. You have everyone there, cleaned up, and it's a great opportunity. Instead of a wedding photographer making you tilt your head this way and that, get a chair or 2 for groupings, or a natural location that will lend itself to a group of people - steps can work.

Maybe get official wedding hats - just ball caps - and pose in them? In general, sunglasses can be fun, and if somebody brings an eye patch, it's kind of funny if it keeps turning up in pictures.

I used be married to a photographer who did lots of weddings.
- Relax your shoulders; consciously push them down.
- Smile. Really, you look better.
- Don't hold bouquets too high.
- Spend some time in front of a full length mirror and decide you you'd like to arrange your feet for photos. People can look quite awkward if they place their feet oddly or ungracefully.
- Take a nice deep breath, let it out and consciously relax a bit.
- When you look at your self in photos, hold the photo up to a mirror. You are used to seeing your mirror image, that's one reason you always look odd when you see yourself in pictures; you're backwards.
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Maybe have your absent friends and family send you ideas for a photo scavenger hunt (take a picture with a local monument; take a picture holding something red; etc) and go around and take those photos after your wedding? That could be fun and also make people feel involved?
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Thanks, everyone! This gave us some great jumping-off points. Our list has expanded to potentially include nerf lightsabers, giant bubbles, and giant inflatable hammers.
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