Odd/Interesting/Unique events and attractions?
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I'm trying to find some interesting vacation destinations. Recommend me some cities/towns that have unusual annual/semi-annual events or attractions. The more obscure and odd, the better.

Examples: I recently found Chapel Hill NC's Paperhand Puppet Intervention and Ohio/Washington's Oddmall Emporium. Where have these been all of my life? I'm looking for more like that.

I'm in the US, but if you know of an interesting event/attraction outside of the US, definitely still mention it. We travel to other countries on vacation sometimes, too (though more rarely).
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Nederland, CO: Frozen Dead Guy Days.
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The Festa di Santa Rosalia has been happening in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn since possibly the 1940s.
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The Mothman Festival, Point Pleasant WV

We've actually been wanting to go for years and might actually get the chance this year.
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San Francisco has the Folsom Street Fair, Bay to Breakers and my personal favorite, Bring Your Own Big Wheel. BYOBW is the only one not likely to involve naked people.
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Best answer: I've used the Roadside America to plan road trips. Very useful.

And Atlas Obscura is also great in this regard.
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The Wizard of Oz Festival near the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MN:

Braham Pie Day ("You can't help but smile when you say PIE!") in tiny Braham, MN:
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Seconding Altas Obscura. They post weird attractions and events all over the world.
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Sunnyside Washington (eastern WA, near Yakima) has a Lighted Farm Implement Parade in the winter that I've always wanted to see!
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Semana Santa in southern Spain is not weird, per se, but it is quite a spectacle and definitely fascinating to experience from a foreigner's perspective.
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Nthing Atlas Obscura.

Also - my home town has a really quirky July 4th Parade - there's no marching bands, it's all radios. And you can even march in the parade yourself (BYOBoombox). (Warning you, though, that there ain't much else to do in the town proper afterward, so be ready with a next destination in mind.)
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Punkin Chunkin in slower Delaware.
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Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL
Mattoon, IL Bagelfest
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The Pushkar Camel Fair in India!
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The Mummers Parade in Philly. Absolutely insane costumes, and it's the oldest folk festival in the country. While you're in town, check out the Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities, if that's a direction your weird drifts in.
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World's Largest Catsup Bottle Festival in Collinsville Illinois. Haven't made it yet, but it's on my bucket list.
The Wisconsin State Cowchip Throw in Prairie Du Sac WI.
The World Championship Cabbage Chuck in Shiocton, WI.
Sputnikfest in Manitowoc, WI (Don't miss the crowning of Miss Space Debris 2016!!)
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The Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, BC.
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North Carolina has a Livermush Festival.
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The Wayne Chicken Show in Wayne, Nebraska is the best. This year's theme is "Cluck and Roll". There is a parade, a rubber chicken chuck, a hard-boiled egg eating contest, and of course the national Cluck-Off.

The Roadkill Cook-Off in Marlinton, West Virginia is fun.
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Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany: a goth gathering, basically. Tens of thousands of goths of every flavor walking around town.
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Do you want to run around with a flaming tar barrel on your back?

Ottery St Mary in Devon is here for you.
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Bread & Puppets should scratch that particular itch.
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The Kinetic Sculpture Race originated in Humboldt County, but, like Humboldt County's other great export, it's now cropping up in other locations.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for all the great answers! I've only had time to look through some of them, but all of the ones I've checked out are amazing. I'll have vacations sorted out for years to come.

I've marked brookeb's Atlas Obscura suggestion as best answer for now (because that looks like a treasure trove of great info), but I'll probably come back and mark more later, when I have the chance to look through them all.

Thank you all again!
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Glow is a triennial event in Santa Monica that transforms the beach, the pier, and the ocean into an outdoor art gallery, from dusk until dawn. The interactive, light-enhanced installations are commissioned just for the event, which attracts 150K-200K people over the course of the night. It's really lots of fun, but next year will be bonkers now that the expo line goes to the beach.

Glow 2010

See also, the international Nuit Blanche festival.
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PedalPalooza in Portland, OR is 3+ weeks of "bikey fun." There are hundreds of community-led rides - silly rides, protest rides, naked rides, costumed rides...
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