Best place to buy fabric in Ontario, Canda?
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Looking for best place to buy fabric somewhat cheaply in person or online that will ship to Canada at a reasonable price!

Hi! I was gifted a sewing machine from my husband, and I'm super excited to use it. Problem is, I don't have a lot of fabric. We are semi close to a Fabricland, so I'm definitely going to take a trip there, but I'm wondering what is the best place to get fabric online? I'm not looking for any specific type of fabric, but would be looking for a whole yard as opposed to quarters or anything else. Any Canadian based sites with affordable shipping? Or even US based sites with affordable shipping to Canada? Please help, I wanna make stuff!

Thank you in advance!
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I often find myself scrolling through this pinterest board of online Canadian fabric shops. It is well-maintained and the best list of options I have found, and may point out an independent fabric shop in your area that you can visit as well.

I have ordered apparel fabric online through Blackbird Fabrics, which has always been a lovely experience, but the selection is limited. I have also placed online orders with the Workroom in Toronto (primarily quilting cottons, some apparel fabrics) but I don't know how their shipping is as I opt for the pick-up option. My favourite studio has recently opened an online store, though I haven't ordered from them yet.
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In-person: Queen West between Spadina and Bathurst is full of fabric stores.
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Do you live near a Len's Mill Store? Lots of fabric there.
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Keep an eye on the Fabricland sales; their regular prices are... okay, I guess, but you can get really good deals on the sales.

Joann Fabric has recently begun shipping to Canada, but I've not ordered from them so no idea on the shipping cost. But they have some crazy coupon deals, so sometimes it'd really be worth it.
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