Alternatives After Sunrise Sunsets
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So apparently my Android phone calendar of choice, Sunrise, is totally shutting down this summer. As in, going non-functional. Ugh. I need an alternative calendar app, but I would like it to have a specific view type and can't seem to find it elsewhere. Help?

All I want is the month on the screen, with the selected day's tasks underneath. Like this!

I am totally willing to go with a paid app. Does anyone know of a calendar app that has a similar view as an option? Thanks!
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What kind of Android phone do you have? My Samsung Galaxy Note 3's baked-in calendar app has this. (Well, instead of underneath the calendar it's a popup underneath the selected day, but it gives basically the same view and same info.)
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According to the developer's blog post on this, they are folding Sunrise into a new Outlook app for Android. Maybe try that? (I'm also a Sunrise user; that's where I'm going, first.)
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You might check out SolCalendar, which was the only calendar app I liked when I was using Android.
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rabbitrabbit: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5.
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Do you have the calendar app that looks like this on your S5? If so would that meet your needs? I can honestly say I've gone through a lot of calendar apps and the Samsung app meets more of my needs than some paid apps.
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Digical, the free version. Select "Text month" view. You can eschew the multi-colors if that's not your bag. Mine in dark theme preference.
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I'll echo the DigiCal recommendation.
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Thanks, everyone! Turns out the Samsung baked-in calendar has the view I prefer, which means I was making things more difficult than they had to be. Oy.
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I'm going to piggyback on your question, though, joelhunt, since I also have been using Sunrise on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I don't like the built-in Samsung calendar, which doesn't have a widget I like as far as I know. I use the Sunrise one that has the date at top, plus a scrollable list of upcoming events below that. This is the agenda view I like, though the screenshot is of it on a different phone. I looked for a good calendar app for a while after switching from an HTC phone, which had this great agenda widget.

Anyway, any suggestions for a good Android calendar app that has a simple, sleek, dark agenda widget like that would be much appreciated!
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I am using Samsung for the Calendar, but I just searched Google Play for Calendar Widgets and picked one that looked good to me. This one is called Calendar Widget and you can futz around with the colours, etc.

It didn't really occur to me that you could use separate calendar apps and widgets. I am not totally bright, it seems.
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Hey, I actually came to ask a similar question - I used to have a Galaxy S3 and really liked the default calendar. Now I have a Nexus 5 and I'm trying to find something similar but haven't had much luck. Digical's monthly agenda view is really close, but I'd like it to hide empty days in the bottom view. Is there a setting in Digical that allows that, or another app that has a view like that?
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