Best way to get to/park/be at CenturyLink Field in Seattle?
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My friends bought me a ticket to see Beyonce for my birthday. I'm so freaking excited! But I'm driving to Seattle form Portland, and after my last stadium show experience, I'm nervous about getting to the venue, parking, and getting to my seat in time. Would love some CenturyLink Field hacks and/or advice from savvy Seattlites.

The concert starts at 6pm next Wednesday, 5/18. I'll be coming from Portland, so I have to drive. I saw Bey & Jay at the same venue two years ago, and while the show was life-affirming, the experience getting to my seat was a nightmare. Scary traffic, cash-only parking structure for which I was ill-prepared (hourlong wait in line for an ATM!), cram-jamming a pretzel for sustenance before the concert began (late, blessedly, so I made it to my seat just in time). It was near-panic-attack-inducing stressful.

I'd like to get it right this time. Any suggestions? Should I just plan to arrive super-early (the ticket says show at 6pm)? Should I park somewhere else in the city and take public transportation to the stadium? I'll definitely be eating beforehand. Unfortunately, life+work have conspired such that I have to drive back to Portland that same night, so it would be nice to have a quick exit, rather than waiting for an hour to get out of the parking structure.

Thank you!
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There's a light-rail station across the street from the stadium, so you could definitely get away with parking near another stop and using that to get to/from your car.
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The light rail line starts/ends at the airport which has parking payment machines that take credit cards. It's about a half hour train ride from the airport to CenturyLink. I've never had a car in Seattle so I don't know about parking near any closer stations. This would probably be the most stress-free option.

As someone who lives in Tacoma and goes to Seattle a lot, you could also cut out some driving time by parking for free at the Tacoma Dome Station and taking one of the buses that goes straight to the stadium. The bus ride would probably be about an hour or slightly longer during the afternoon rush. Overall transit time would be the same as parking at the airport and you'd save on parking but catching the bus back to Tacoma after the show might be a little more stressful than the light rail.
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Dude, if you want, you can park in front of my house. I'm a 10 to 15-minute walk from the Othello light rail station, which is five stops south of the stadium, and you can get from the 5 to my place (and vice versa) in about seven minutes. Memail me and I'll send you the address. Happy birthday from the internets!
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Are you staying overnight in Seattle? If so, the easiest thing would be to take the train, and stay somewhere downtown (or nearby). Just don't book on a Coastliner, they are notoriously late.
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The BoltBus stop is right near the field, so you could use that to get from Portland to Seattle.
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