Changing From address in Outlook
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How do I change my From address in Outlook/Exchange? I have a regular old e-mail account and also a forwarding address that I like better; I want recipients of my e-mail to see (only?) my forwarding address.

With Thunderbird this was so much easier. My service provider gives me a perfectly nice e-mail address, which I use for almost everything. However, for certain business contacts, I prefer to use another address, provided by my alma mater, that forwards to the same account. Is there any way to send e-mails "from" my forwarding address? I know that I can change the real-world name associated with my address, but there's got to be an easy way to change the address itself.
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I'm not sure, but that's something that you probably need to have your Exchange server admin set up for you. I don't know that you can do it from the client.

What you can do is open a new message, and (depending on your version) go to View > Options

In there, you should find a check box that says Have replies sent to: and then a text box. If you put the address you want to get replies sent to in there, then when they reply that's where they'll go. The message still says it came from your default address though.
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That assumes you're using Exchange Server like you said. Outlook can set up additional mail accounts for POP3 or IMAP or the like, and then you probably have more control from the client.
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I had Outlook set up at home awhile back, and from what I recall, I set up all of my accounts in there, whether they were forwarded or not. Like if I had forwarded to, I would set up as its own email account with the settings for Once I did that, I could select which account I wanted a particular email to come from.

I don't recall which version of Outlook I had at the time (probably 2000) or if this is exactly what I did, but perhaps it will set you off in the right direction.
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What I would do in this case is to add the second email account to outlook. This is done via tools-->Email accounts

If this account is just used to forward emails to another account then you can even turn off the checking of that account under tools-->options--> mail setup tab-->send/receive button

However, when you get an email that you want to respond to with the second email account you can simply click on reply. Then next to the send button you'll see an accounts button. Both email addresses will be options on the drop down menu. Once you change to your second email account you'll see "This message will be sent via ..."
Write your email and click send.

I use this to reply to a personal email that someone sends to my work account. I just chose hotmail, compose the email and then click send. This works with new emails that you compose yourself.
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