Game me to the White House
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Inspired by this offhand comment, I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a good presidential election simulation game (board or video), especially if bright tweens and/or teens can play it. I checked BGG, but didn't find it as helpful as you nerds are capable of being.
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Response by poster: (Note: Not so much 1960: The Making of the President. Tried it, didn't cotton to it.)
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The Political Machine series might be what you're needing.
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I like Campaign Trail by GDW. It came out in 1983 so it might be little bit dated, and luck plays a factor in winning. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
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I'd recommend Democracy 3 (Total Biscuit review, RPS review), but it's probably not what you're looking for, as it's doesn't focus on elections exclusively, and is more about what you do when you're in power. Fun game if you're interested in the intersection of policy and politics though.

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Our group loves Die Macher, which is literally entry #1 in BGG's database. It's a game of German political races, but a lot of the mechanics (balancing media coverage, aligning your party platform with that of the voters, making uneasy alliances to lock out a rival) apply to US politics. Can be tough to find a copy. Worth it.
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longdaysjourney is right - Democracy 3 is awesome, though not about elections. I enjoyed this series of articles about using it to try to simulate some real-world policies.
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