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Is there a Hillary Clinton focused version of Slate's Trumpcast?

I've been really enjoying Slate's Trump Cast, which is an almost daily podcast focused exclusively on how horrible Donald Trump is.

What I like about the show is the mix of smart conversations about what Trump's candidacy means (with both liberal and conservative pundit types, and reporters/authors who have covered Trump in the past), with humor (I'll admit the humor can be hit and miss). I wonder what it must feel like to listen to something like it as a Trump supporter.

So -- I'd like to hear what the other side has to say about my home girl. Does there exist a smart and funny podcast dedicating to taking down Hillary Clinton? I know that conservatives have a reputation for not being great with humor, but maybe something from the Bernie-wing of the Democratic party?

I'm hoping to find something intelligent, and not too toxic (it's fine to discuss Benghazi or Monica, but there are really gross ways to do that that I don't want to hear). Where are the non-yelly folks talking about Wall Street and e-mails and Susan Rice and state department missteps that allowed the rise of ISIS?
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Good luck with finding something like that.
I think most people who dislike Hilary fall into certain camps (or a mixture of):

- misogynists
- people who hate democrats, just by virtue of them being democrats
- conspiracy theorists

For the most part, these people don't seem interested in "smart conversations", and generally seem unable to be intelligently humorous.

There are also people who object to her policies, but it seems these people are usually writing articles about their concerns, and not wanting to be "jokey" about said concerns. I'm sure Democracy Now can talk about concerns about Hilary in an intelligent way, but that program has probably never been described as humorous.

Trump on the other hand, is a dumpster fire spitting out nonsensical/abhorrent quotes and policy suggestions on an almost daily basis. The Slate Trump podcast seems to seek to understand things he is saying, how so many people have bought into his shtick, and why.

I think the most intelligent, yet funny things about Clinton are probably going to be coming from Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and The Daily Show.

(and while I find the Trump podcast to be entertaining and sanity-helping, I have found a lot of the "humor" they've been adding to be cloying, going on for about three times longer than the premise deserves--it's like, enough with the open-mic night, get on to the discussion!)
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