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What's the good adblocker for Firefox now?

I've seen this question and this one, but surely there's development over the last 3 years. Basically the same situation as in the first question I linked to--have reset Firefox (on Win10) and lost my adblocking, and the gremlins are back. So what's good now? Particularly, what kills clickbait like Zergnet? I never click them, I just hate them.

I'm not especially interested in other kinds of add-ons, although suggestions are welcome about killing things like trackers.
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Ublock origin (not the other, bad ublock).
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Seconding uBlock Origin. For killing trackers, try Disconnect.
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I use Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for anti tracking and some ad blocking.
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Thirding uBlock Origin. (There's also a mobile version that works on Firefox.) Ghostery is good for killing trackers too.
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Thanks everyone. Just installed UBlock and it seems to do the job nicely.
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Quadrupling uBlock Origin. (Come on, folks, let's keep this going!)
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ublock Origin + Ghostery
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I would recommend uMatrix instead of Ghostery. It kills unwanted objects of various kinds (scripts, frames, cookies), and is authored by the same guy who created uBlock.
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^ Seconded.

uBlock Origin should be all you need.

The more add-ons you stack, the harder it is to figure out which is breaking some site that stopped working; still, if you have the patience for trying more granular control, check either uBlock's dynamic filtering or uMatrix.
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I used uBlock Origin (on MetaFilter's recommendation), but disabled it in favor of uMatrix.

It's more complex and requires some effort (e.g. figuring out the minimum about of garbage to accept from YouTube to make a video play) but allows me to do things like block the "You're using an AdBlocker!" message on Wired.
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