Bah-bahda-bah-baaaaah.... Two Bits!
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Curly haired men of Portland, Maine: where do you get your hair cut?

Too short, and my hair stands up straight like Cosmo Kramer; too long, and it flops on top and billows on the side like a Dick Tracy villain. The first two stylists I've tried weren't so good. I'd like to find someone in this state who knows how to cut my hair.
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My hair gets curly when long and I've been pleased with the results by Ginny at this basic barber shop (ridiculous website aside). I don't have to deal with the Kramer effect though.
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Krystal at Bang cuts my son's curly hair, and she has a lot of experience with it. He keeps his long, though, so no Kramer experiences here, either - but I do highly recommend her.
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