How do I find a good group home/sober house in the Phoenix area?
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I'm trying to find a group home/sober house for my 31 year old brother. See inside for more details.

He is diagnosed with Bipolar and has a long history of drug abuse (both RX and street drugs). He is very immature and has a huge sense of entitlement. My parents financially support him and they are not interested in cutting him off; they tried that once before and he ended up homeless. However, they would be willing to pay for an inexpensive group home/sober house that could teach him life management and career skills. He is smart enough to hold a minimum-wage job or go to school, but his maturity level, sense of entitlement, and low self-confidence is holding him back. He has been living with me (his older brother) for the past year or so but my patience is starting to wear thin. Hive mind, point me in the right direction please!
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I don't know about Phoenix, AZ, but the group home/sober home my ex-boyfriend went to in Vermont was literally just a place to live with other sober people that had rules (in his case, curfew, no substances, and gainful employment) and chores. The environment was supportive but not instructive, per se. The idea was that you would complete rehab and then go to a sober home to live with others interested in maintaining sobriety. But all the other stuff--therapy, education, work, meetings, etc.--happened outside the home at your own behest. (Or the behest of your parole officer.)

I think you might actually be looking for a residential treatment facility. I went to one of those after an inpatient psychiatric stay and it had all the things--group therapy, rules, chores, activities, education, etc. It was like inpatient but more permissive with a focus on personal responsibility.
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Yeah, a group home isn't quite what you're looking for. I'm in Phoenix and bipolar (high functioning though) and I attend both individual and group therapy through Terros, which is financed through Medicaid. I know a couple people who live in group homes but they attend therapy programs at the same office I do. If your brother qualifies for Medicaid there are some good options... I'll comment again later if I find anything.
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Terros! My Dad used to be the Executive Director there! I used to work on the ambulance!

Good people and they can help you find resources.

I don't suppose they're still in that cool house on McDowell and third?
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Perhaps The Meadows.
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