Easy app to record a phonecall?
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I need to record a phone conversation. What's the easiest free (or very cheap) way to do so?

My available gear: iPhone 5 (running IOS 9), and an older MacBook Pro (running OS 10.8) with Gmail Phone and Skype.

I expect the call to last about 30-40 minutes.
The other person will be using a cellphone with a US number (but we're both in Canada).

I'll need to get the audio file off my phone, so ideally it would either sync to iTunes, or go to Dropbox or similar.

(And of course, the other party will know the call is being recorded, and I'll get verbal consent at the start of the call.)

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Are you comfortable using a conference call service rather than a direct phone call? If so, UberConference will record an MP3 for you.
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Quicktime is super easy to use for recording - go to File > New audio recording
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Thanks for the replies!

A podcasting friend made the suggestion I ended up employing: Cast, which worked perfectly and was easy to learn.

I recorded using my MacBook's onboard mic, with me on Gmail Phone and the other person on a celphone with crappy reception. The recording sounds exactly what I was hearing. And the free trial data allowance is generous, so I was able to do a few different tests, complete the project easily, and download immediately. It was perfect.

(I know this post sounds like an ad but I have no personal connection to this service whatsoever- I was just pleased to find an easy solution, so am happy to share for future Askers).
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