Opaque fees bad, transparent fees good
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Looking for recommendations for a personal financial advisor / planner in West LA area. Some details inside.

I've finally convinced my retired parents to move away from their current personal financial advisor whose fees are opaque and probably much higher than my parents realize.

Now I need some recommendations for flat/fixed fee personal financial advisors / planners in the West LA / Westwood / Santa Monica / Century City area. I've found some through online searches, but some recommendations from the good folks of AskMeFi would also be very valuable.

(I've already seen this related previous question).

My parents want to have someone they can easily visit with face-to-face, so that's why there's this geographical constraint.

They don't want to do investing entirely on their own, or with my help only, so we don't need that suggestion. Instead they would like to find an experienced professional who works on a fixed or flat fee basis (only!) and generally steers clients toward extremely low fee, passive investments such as diversified index funds. I'm very familiar with that world (Vanguard, etc.), so no need for any lessons here about that.

Thank you.
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Perhaps Vanguard Financial Advisers? I don't know who they have local to West LA, but it wouldn't hurt to contact them.

I have a friend who uses Lisa Chapman Financial Group in Long Beach, or Seal Beach. I've met a couple of their people and they seem very good.
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Just memailed you with a recommendation. Good luck on your search!
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Vanguard. Just call them on their main number. So easy, so cheap, and so reliable.
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