Age progression software?
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I have many photos and would like to do a morphing over time video by combining them. Is there software for the Mac or a website that can do this?
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There are certainly two-image morph sites out there, but it sounds like maybe you want to have a list of pics that are all tweened one after the other?
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Are these photos of a person?
Or photos of something like a landscape or a building?

Google's Picasa app had something called Face Movie that would take a bunch of photos of a person and make a slideshow of them, centering the face in the same place so that one photo--not morphed, but--faded into the next.

I don't know if there was a way to force chronological order, I think it ordered them by which photos looked the most like each other (like, it might group all of the photos of a person with their head slightly turned together).

Here's an example.
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