complete, systematic Windows 7 network & security settings
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I want a complete understanding of the subsystems, registry settings, and other components of Windows 7's networking and security settings. O'Reilly's "Windows 7 / The Definitive Guide" didn't deliver this. Where can I find it?

I may want a programming guide, I guess. I cut my teeth programming Windows a long time ago, so I got used to actually understanding what's going on, where stuff is stored, what order Windows looks up settings and attempts to do various tasks. It made solving problems fast and a lot less stressful.

What I don't want: Step-by-step descriptions of how to set up a Home group or configure a new connection are just frustrating for me. Trying to search Google for this information seems to lead me to endless troubleshooting guides or how-to guides or getting started guides.

Separating learning mode from doing mode works well for me -- I find it's ultimately less frustrating. Learning by "trying stuff" seems like I'm wasting time.

I want to read something from start to finish and then be confident I actually know what's going on. I want to get a mental model of how everything works together, and I'm willing to read something long and authoritative to make that happen.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

I'm in the process of fixing/setting up a system, and I'm tired of just fumbling around and listening to other people fumble around.
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Have you read any of Mark Russinovich's books? This might be what you're looking for.
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Thank you! Volume 1 of that is probably exactly what I want.

If there were something similar that focused _just_ on security and networking that would be cool also.

I'm still interested in more sources in case this one doesn't work out.
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I can't give specific recommendations on advanced networking. You might combine the book with the CIS benchmark for Windows 7 to understand some more about what to tweak and why for security.
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Can't speak to his recent work but years ago I got one of Russinovich's books and damn was it awesome. Might still be some version of his wininternals/sysinternals sites and utilities out there. Dude knows his Win32.
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Might still be some version of his wininternals/sysinternals sites and utilities out there.

Microsoft bought Sysinternals and they continue to be available.
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