Safety Data Sheet or paper for C. elegans
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I'm looking for a manufacturer-published SDS or a peer-reviewed paper that explicitly states the hazard information and precautionary statements associated with wild-type C. elegans.

It's easy to find non-reviewed sites that describe them as non-hazardous, non-infectious, non-parasitic, etc. And it's easy to find SDSs for C. elegans kits and cultures that cover the culture media but not the worms themselves. What I need is something official that I can cite in a COSHH form concerning the actual worms and, ideally, their eggs and tissue samples.

(Yes, this is mad. No, "common sense" won't fly as an answer. We've been through a similar thing for working with mice, and managed to find a paper from the late 60s saying something like "mouse tissue is not believed to be hazardous...". I just need a similar thing for C elegans, it's just that it's too bleedin' obvious for anyone to bother writing in a paper. Aargh.)
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Safety Data Sheet for C. elegans (Wild / Mutant) appears to be for the worms, as well as the material they ship with.

Otherwise, it seems like you are looking for the inverse of a Pathogen Data Sheet and it might be tough to prove a negative.
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You might contact these folks. They have some basic biochemistry experiment kits that use C. elegans (DNA and protein staining, etc.), and while the various kits' SDSs include entries for nasty stuff like ethidium bromide, etc. there's nothing for the worms themselves. So, they might have (regulatory) advice on why they do not need an SDS for the organism itself, or have pointers to what you might use for an exemption.
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