Help me colour in my body: woodcut edition
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I've really wanted a tattoo tribute to my favourite artist for several years now, but I am stuggling to find someone who can do it for me, in her style, ideally in London.

I am want something a little like this or this - ideally I'd like the artist to combine a few different Preston floral prints that would look good tattood on a shoulder - I have a good idea of what I want but am happy for the expert to tell me what will work best.

I can see lots of artists online on instagram or on their websites who do amazing woodcut style tattoos but I've not seen any that are coloured in. I want someone who can replicate Margaret's style as closely as possible. If you have any recommendations in the UK I'd love to hear them!
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Not a personal recommendation, sadly, but I follow Ella Bell Tattoo on instagram and she does amazing botanical tattoos, some in colour. Plymouth but seems to travel to London regularly. Great choice with Margaret Preston btw - good luck!
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Those look gorgeous!

Not exactly woodcut style (though I think she could emulate it) but I have a large floral backpiece done by Luci Lou who's based in Brighton but comes to London sometimes. Her colourwork is outstanding, I've had random people come up to me in the street and compliment it. I went in with a list of flowers and we worked together over multiple sessions to design it.

The other option might be if you can find someone to do the woodcut outline but you're not confident in their colouring ability, you could get someone else to do the colourwork? Mine was done as outline then colour, so it should be possible.
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I've been following Sang Bleu on instagram for a while, and one of their artists does nice woodcut style tattoos.
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