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Recently moved to Portland (not me, asking for a friend) and seeking a good pediatrician for an infant, preferably NE Portland, and "crunchy" friendly, as in, supportive of extended breastfeeding, flexible vaccination schedules, intact boys, etc. Any suggestions? Please give detail, if so!
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It's NW not NE, but Dr. Natasha Pereira at The Children's Clinic is fine with all that stuff. We breastfed our non-circumcised boy until he was 3, coslept for the first year, cloth diapered, and had an extended vaccination schedule (we didn't delete any vax, but we did wait a bit for the things we felt were less important, like Hep B and Polio), and it was fine. The one thing I didn't like was our son had a months-long cough when he was 2, and her suggestion for a place to start was codeine cough syrup, but other than that, I highly recommend. She's part time though, so scheduling is less flexible than a full-time doc. We saw Dr. DeVore once, too, and she seemed great too though we didn't have the same conversations about this stuff so I can't really vouch for her attitudes on the crunchy stuff.

Edited to add: since it's a larger practice it's also easy to get same-day scheduling, good after-hours support, and the staff is responsive, which are things that you don't realize are important until you need them.
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Anne Vestergaard at Broadway Medical is really great but is sometimes difficult to get in to see because she's popular. But it's a big practice so you can get same day appointments.

The only bummer is she doesn't take whatever Bronze plan my insurance company dumped my kid into when they rejiggered things for the ACA. So, check to see what insurance she's taking!
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Check out Littles Pediatrics on N. Williams and Sellwood Clinic. We're not into the alternative vaccine schedule, but my friends who are have good things to say about these offices.
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We like Melissa Hahn at Broadway Medical on NE Broadway; super patient with my kids, doesn't blink an eye about my crunchy ways (extended bfing; alternate vaccination schedule [like rabbitrabbit's]; intact boys; cosleeping).
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