Gimme your favorite weird sci-fi/horror/etc samples for my radio show!
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I've been using snippets and samples of sci-fi/horror/weird movies for station IDs on the weird late night radio show I do. I'm bored with the current crop... help me find some new stuff to sample!

For the last 8 years or so, I've been doing a radio show late at night at my local community/college station wherein I play dark, lumbering ambient music; glitched-out electronic noise; and other bleeps, swooshes, and clanky sounds(here's my Mixcloud page if you want to hear what I'm talking about). I've slowly been making my own liners/legal IDs for my show, mostly along the lines of old classic 90's electronica samples- Alien, Blade Runner, horror movies, etc. (here's a bunch of the current crop I've been going with) but I'm getting bored with all that and I need some fresh ideas. What are some favorite horror/sci-fi/weird quotes/samples/phrases that might make for interesting/creepy interstitials and legal ID moments?

The less obvious, the better. I'm not against using things like Blade Runner, Alien, or John Carpenter/David Cronenberg weirdness, but I'd love to hear some really different stuff. For example, I'm working on a new one using Michael Smiley in A Field in England saying "Open up and let the devil in."
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Best answer: I uploaded this years ago. It's taken from a really obscure 70s porno that an archivist friend showed me called The Devi's Ecstasy. The movie is dull and uninteresting, but the exposition is wonderfully bizarre and inept (and it's SFW, so safe for the airwaves). I really don't get to share it enough, and I'd be delighted if you would play it on your show, or pull soundbites from it as you like.

Also, here's a playlist of trailers I was adding stuff to for a little while. Probably some choice sound bites in there.
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Nothing specific, but sci-fi and horror B movies of the the 50's & 60's should have some choice bits. Lots of portentous proclamations about "SCIENCE!!" Drive-in, Roger Corman flicks; X the Man with X-Ray Eyes, Them, Attack of the 50-ft Woman, stuff like that.

Try this playlist of trailers to see if anything tickles your fancy.
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Best answer: Spoilers obviously for all of these.

Berberian Sound Studio: tape loops, The Equestrian Vortex. It's a movie about sound so you could find tons more.

A Boy and his Dog

Lake Mungo

Burnt Offerings
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Response by poster: Oh man, I love Berberian Sound Studio. I should have thought of that one myself!

Keep 'em coming... these are all great suggestions!
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Response by poster: and thanks, teponaztli- there's some really great stuff in that clip!
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X Minus 1 is a classic 50s sci-fi radio show, most of which is online. You'll have to do some digging, but it's chock full of choice bits.
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Plan 9 From Outer Space: someone has helpfully pulled together the best bits, but you can't really go past the opening lines ("Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future").
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Response by poster: These are all good suggestions, definitely... but I'd also love some that are much less campy and more genuinely unsettling as well.
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Best answer: Oh yeah! Can't forget Alucarda!
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'the cliffs of insanity!' and 'THE SHRIEKING EELS ALWAYS GROW LOUDEST BEFORE THEY FEAST ON HUMAN FLESH' from Princess Bride are great samples, sorry I don't have them but they should be easy enough to find. Prob about 40 min in.
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Best answer: Shock Corridor has some great lines.
The American Astronaut is stuffed with great quotes (careful it's a real toilet)
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Best answer: more genuinely unsettling

Toward the end of the movie Se7en, Brad Pitt is heard saying, "What's going on? What's going on?" Without getting spoilery, I can say that I've always thought the movie would have been much more frightening if it ended right then.

Also: In Carnival of Souls, the part where she's playing insane music on the church organ and the priest bursts in saying, "Profane! Profane!"
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Best answer: Two of my all-time favorite film quotes:

they're... alllll messed up

This one is probably not safe for the airwaves.
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Response by poster: This one is probably not safe for the airwaves.

Heh. Probably not. But it's a good one.
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Best answer: Just leaving this here: British public information films on kids' safety (Guardian.) Don't miss The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water.

B Movies. Noir. "It's coming! It's in the trees!!"

Oh there might be some creepy soundbites in among these MR James re-tellings. Have to sift for them though.
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The movie Waxwork popped into my head--lots of goofy/creepy lines, and probably creepier if taken out of their context.

Along the lines of X Minus 1, check out horror radio on the Internet Archive (and elsewhere?), stuff like The Weird Circle and Lights Out, maybe stuff like Suspense and The Whistler. Theme songs from both those last two might work, too--I think Bernard Hermann wrote the Suspense theme.
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