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When I got Excel 2010, I got a workbook that came with a disk of practice worksheets. It was dummy data, as it were. Now that I have updated to Excel 2016 I can't find anything similar. Every search brings me back to some kind of online video training. All of that is good as far as it goes but I won't retain much unless I can actually implement the lesson, not just watch it. Where can I find either a disk or downloadable dummy worksheets with which to practice? Thanks.
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Does your public library offer you free access to lynda.com? The video lessons there almost always include downloadable practice files. If you don't get free access through your library, you can sign up for a 10 day free trial and see if it suits you.
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Forgot to add: it's the premium account ($34.99/month from what I can see here) that includes the downloadable files. I think the free trial of the premium account may include the downloads, but I'm not sure. This is why it would be a huge advantage if your public library gave you full access for free.
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Seconding Lynda.com: http://www.lynda.com/Excel-tutorials/Excel-2016-Essential-Training/376985-2.html

The 10 day free Premium trial does include downloads. You will need to provide credit card info, but can cancel before the paid subscription starts and not be charged.
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