Who signed this hockey puck?
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Who signed this hockey puck?

I bought a hockey puck at a yardsale-type thing a couple days ago for $1.00. Pic1 Pic2

The puck is branded New York Islanders and the back of the puck has the official signature of NHL commissioner John A. Ziegler, Jr. He was commissioner from 1977-1992. So it was likely signed within that time period or shortly after.
Along the rim is Written Canada , C 19 , and a General Tire logo.

It's in a plastic stand with "Showcase INT. Made in Canada Pat. Pend."
The puck is dirty, I'm not sure if it was used for a game or was soiled else ware.

I think I've given as much information as I can, hopefully someone can read this or recognizes the autograph.

I won't try to guess who signed it. I asked a similar question last year and I was Waaaay off.
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Yeah, looks like Mike Bossy.
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That's definitely Mike Bossy, who was the Islanders' best player in the 80s (sorry, Trottier fans), and arguably their best ever.

It doesn't look game-used to me. Or if it was, it was only used for an extremely short time. But still, pretty cool if you're an Isles fan.
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