Large, casual group friendly bar/restaurant in Palm Springs
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I'm looking for a bar that serves food (or a very casual restaurant that serves booze and splits checks) suitable for around 30 people to meet in Palm Springs on a weeknight in October. Any ideas?

People will be coming and going, and we don't need to rope off an area, but we're happy to call ahead or make a reservation. We'd love to avoid paying a venue fee, but we do need to be able to count on there being room for our group to sit and stand together and mingle. Not the Ace Hotel, but hotels, tiki bars, regular fun bars, etc. in general are fine. I'm not in Palm Springs, but will have an opportunity to check out any promising venues before October. So please: any ideas?!
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Go check out the pool/bar area at the newly opened V Hotel (on the curve where South Palm Canyon turns and heads East). Very pretty. (Much of the hotel is still under renovation and not open yet, but part is open and is nice.)
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