Does anyone know what these clips are called?
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I am trying to DIY a larger version of this grid wall and I'm wondering where to buy the clips separately.

I tried googling triangle clips and just came up with flat paperclips and earrings. Does anyone know what they are called or where I can purchase them?

Other suggestions for how to hang larger items (like picture frames) from a metal grid are also welcome! Trying to stay away from clothespins and merchandise display hooks, etc. unless they are pretty unobtrusive.
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I've seen clips like those for paper blinds, so you can fold the blinds up and clip them open. So I'd look in a hardware store (Lowe's, Home Depot) in the window dressing area.
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Those are cool. They are kind of like alligator clips but clearly a little more refined. Here's some copper alligator clips. And some copper colored binder clips and another kind, all at Etsy. Hm....
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You could message them and say that you need more clips – wondering if they can sell you the clips or tell you what they are so you can source them. Out there are bulldog clips, spring clips, curtain clips – but your thing is kind of a bent metal shape. Interesting. It seems like it might not work well across applications, though, depending on the weight/kind of your artwork.
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I'm not seeing these anywhere online. It's probably made for the item being sold. If you want to be truly DIY, get some flat copper strip at a hardware store and form the clips yourself. There are tons of YouTube videos on how to make S clips and what I see there is a M clip. FYI, the more you pull the metal with your fingers, the harder it will get, so if you do that and form it with needle nose pliers, it should holds its shape after your done. Of course, you will need some big wire cutters or metal snips, and be careful about edges, etc.
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Deluxe Metal Grid Hangall Clip. Kind of pricy and not copper but may give you a starting point.
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These gold butterfly clips have a similar kind of functionality and seem like they'd be fairly easy to work with.
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I can't really see the size of the wire very well, but clam clips might work if the wire was thinner than the fat end of the clip so it could close.
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The reviews of those clips aren't particularly good, I wouldn't bother trying to track them down. There's some super cute copper bulldog clips out there that would work. For picture frames, I would hang them from their string on S-hooks.
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