MCU movies rewatch: what snacks?
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My husband and I are going to rewatch the MCU movies in chronological order. To make this more fun, I'd like to have some sort of themed snack or dessert or drink to go with each of the movies. What do you recommend?

We'll be watching strictly the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, possibly with the Marvel One-Shots if I can get my hands on them. I want some sort of snack or drink to go with each movie. We're starting with Captain America: The First Avenger, and I was thinking something like apple pie (Rogers is as American as it gets) or maybe a candy apple for Red Skull. That sort of thing.

Most of the watching will be taking place on weekday evenings after our kids are in bed, so bonus points for things that can be made ahead or purchased as-is. I have seen this question and loved it but we're not really going to be doing pancakes or omelets for movie snacks. I've also seen this question and will definitely be making Black Russians at some point, but our atmosphere is more "quiet evening at home with my knitting" than "theme party."
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Best answer: You can buy mead on Amazon for your re-watch of Thor. Maybe get some big ol' mutton chops to go with it?
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Best answer: It's more meal than snack maybe, but I feel like you have to eat shawarma at some point. You could sit at your table and awkwardly stare at each other for the real authentic movie experience.
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Delicious Hostess fruit pies.
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For the first movie you could make some dishes from WWII ration cookbooks. There are a bunch of recipes online, but here's some from a British site to get started:
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Best answer: For one of the Iron man movies, I think I would make something spinachy (even though apparently the whole Popeye loves spinach because of iron is a myth!) like spinach-artichoke dip or spinach-mozzarella calzones.
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Best answer: Obviously, for Captain America, you need apple pie. I second mead, preferably consumed from a horn. for Thor. For Iron Man, a nice bowl of pepper pot soup. Maybe some fresh pea pesto for Hulk? Shawarma for The Avengers.
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Best answer: Maybe a picnic theme for Ant Man?
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Best answer: Milk for The Winter Soldier. (If you don't like drinking it straight, maybe milkshakes, or a particularly milky dessert?)
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Best answer: Iron Man: I would focus on red/gold colors. Watermelon and pineapple fruit kebabs, or a popcorn combo. This is a very cute idea, looks like they ordered from this popcorn company.

Hulk: Green milkshakes or sundaes. Either with food coloring or a minty ice cream.

Thor: Hammers made with pretzel sticks and cheese cubes.

Captain America: love your apple pie idea.

Guardians of the Galaxy: uh...Groot beer floats?

Ant Man: ants on a log.

Okay, I think I'm losing steam here. I love a good theme food, though!
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Chimichangas for Deadpool!
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Best answer: Shawarma for The Avengers.
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Best answer: For Guardians, "Cherry Bomb" is on the soundtrack so that opens up a whole world of fruity recipes.
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Response by poster: I threw this out to some friends too and here's the list as it currently stands:

1. Captain America: The First Avenger – apple pie
2. Iron Man – Watermelon and pineapple skewers
3. The Incredible Hulk – Grasshopper shakes
4. Iron Man 2 – Black Russians
5. Thor – Mead
6. The Avengers – Shawarma (anyone have a favorite recipe?)
7. Iron Man 3 – Mandarin oranges
8. Thor: Dark World – Cheese-cube/pretzel Mjolnirs
9. Captain America: Winter Soldier – milkshakes
10. Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot beer floats (this is my favorite)
11. Ant-Man – Ants on a log (or chocolate-covered ants)
12. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Nick Flurries
13. Captain America: Civil War – Black and white cookies

We're watching these leading up to my husband's birthday and I'm doing the snack/dessert part as a surprise for him each time, so thanks for making my birthday project extra awesome!
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