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This car has been sitting in my neighbor's driveway, untouched, since 1983.

Apparently, it's been in the same condition since 1983, as well. The neighbor doesn't even know what it is as their adult son put the cars (three of them) there and hasn't been back for them since. Someone comes by at least once a year and offers a very, very large amount of money for these cars in this condition. Someone else thinks they might be kit cars. What is this car? And, if a kit, where can I get my own?
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It looks very much like a Camaro kit car, except for the double headlights.
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My brain wants to say Opel, although I can't find one that looks quite like that.
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Maybe a Kellison J6?
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It looks like a variant of a Kellison Kit Car to me. Flat glass plus too long tailpipe usually means obscure kit car.

Edit: right, what cabingirl said.
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It indeed looks like a Kellison, the folks over at Bringatrailer have some more information on them. The editors over there might be able to give you more information, but its doubtful you're going to find any kits available for purchase, that aren't already built.
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It's styled very much like a '70s Opel, but yeah, I think it's a kit car. Link goes to a random web pic of a real Opel.
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They've been taking up your neighbor's since 1983?!? I wouldn't worry about what they are, I'd just tell Son enough's enough and it's time to get them out of there.

But agree with cabingirl: Kellison.
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Misteroon suggests it could be a Devin.
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