Advice regarding Marnay-sur-Seine, France and the surrounding region?
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I will be attending an artist residency in Marnay-sur-Seine, France from late May through the end of June. I'd love any advice on the town, nearby places I should visit, things I should be aware of, etc. Some of my high priority travel interests include botanic gardens, zoos, aquariums, other plant and animal-related destinations, art, thrift shops, and vegetarian restaurants.

Some additional details that may be helpful: I do not speak French though I can somewhat parse it in written form (I have a working knowledge though not complete fluency in Spanish). I have visited Paris before in 2007 for three days and seen a number of the touristic hot spots and taken a day trip to Versailles though I may do all that again while there this summer as well. I do not plan to rent a car and intend to rely on trains/public transportation/walking but I may also have chances to hitch rides with others.
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I don't know that specific area at all, but I was interested enough to just to surf around the bits of the internet that relate to it. It's in a département (10 : Aube) which seems to have pretty weak rail connections in general – just a single line going to / from Paris. I looked up connections from the nearest station to Marnay s/S (Nogent-sur-Seine) on SNCF which seemed to confirm this: to get to most other places that might otherwise be described as 'easily drivable' only using a train instead, it was suggesting a trip in to Paris Est and then out again. I can't find useful details online for buses, so I'll skip over some recommendations I was going to make (like a trip to the magical forest of Fontainbleau, for instance). Happily, you can get to Troyes in about 30mins from Nogent-sur-Seine by direct rail. It's probably the least well known of the champagne region's towns – eclipsed somewhat by Reims and Épernay, but well worth a visit!
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