Oslo: running in summertime
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We're visiting Oslo for a week next month and I would love some good running routes. Any suggestions or resources?

We are staying in Grünerløkka. I'm a woman in my mid-thirties, running alone, and I'd like to fit in a few runs between 5km and 12km while I'm there. In general I'd ideally not fuss too much getting to a route, and landmarks or straight lines are good to avoid adding a map to my pockets, but I'll try it if it's worth it. We will walk a lot in daytime but I love seeing more while running when I'm visiting a city.

I'm considering the Akerselva river from source. Can you suggest any other routes, and is there anywhere best avoided for either safety or congestion reasons?

Is there anything I should know about running etiquette in Norway, either?

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The Strava global heatmap of Oslo gives you a good idea of where people like to run. The waterfront and Bygdøy would be good places to run and sightsee without getting lost. Unfortunately I wasn't a runner when I was in Oslo, but I found the city easy to orient myself in.
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if you want a nice leisurely run through challenging terrain, I suggest checking out the Folk museum grounds. Very large, terrain is all over the place, not crowded at all, dirt ground, and awesome sites to see while you run.
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Well, you will need this song:

Oslo in the Summertime (Of Montreal)
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