Knit fabric, button-up shirt, that will last (difficulty: plus size)
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I've been living in these jersey button-up shirts. However, the fabric is thin and starts pilling after just a few washes. Where can I buy a higher-quality version of these?

I'd much rather pay more upfront for one or two of the perfect shirt, than to rebuy one of these when the old one starts getting ratty.

What I like:
- the button-up collared shirt style is versatile enough to dress up or down
- the jersey fabric feels comfortable against my skin and drapes nicely
- I also really like the sleeve length on these, but I can compromise on this point

Some complicating factors: I'm plus size (UK22 / US20), and located in the UK - so would prefer to buy from UK or Europe. But I'd be willing to buy from abroad if that's my best option.

Colour isn't as important, so long as it is the right style and quality.
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This isn't quite the answer you're looking for, but if you have trouble buying what you want then a more gentle washing method might help preserve these shirts.
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Page not found on all three links for me.

Duluth Trading company.
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Your links aren't working, but I'll second Duluth Trading Company. I find their long-tail T shirts are versatile and dress up or down. I did not like the Henley as well. They don't have collared shirts made of jersey (which is what I'm guessing you're talking about here). I get shirts there primarily because the fabric is of such high quality.
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Sorry about the links guys, odd they load for me... Here are direct links to images: 1 2 3
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Those are lovely. I'd buy them in the States if I could. I'd second getting them and laundering them gently. I have a crsppy time finding clothes and I've not seen things like that generally available at Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, The Avenue, Layne Bryabt, Macy's Woman, Target, Dress Barn or Cato.
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Fiber content on these shirts is 97% rayon, 3% elastane. You want to wash them inside out, at the gentlest setting.

To find more, search for "stretch jersey" or Matte jersey using the description "tunic". Several US labels have wardrobes with co-ordinating tops and skirts/pants.
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You can also shave off the pilling by stretching the fabric over a book and then gently going over it with a safety razor.
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Also, hang them to dry. I find that makes my things last soooo much longer.
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