Name some Christian politicians in majority Muslim countries!
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Following the election of a Muslim mayor in London, I've seen lots of bigotry on-line along the lines of 'no Muslim country would elect a Christian mayor'. I know this isn't true, so I'm looking for the names of successful Christian politicians in Muslim countries. I know Lebanon has had a Christian president, and Pakistan has a Christian minister of shipping, but I need more please! THANKS MEFIS!
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The whole Lebanese situation is a lot more complicated than "Lebanon is a majority Muslim country that has had a Christian president". If you're looking for information about the representation of various religious groups in the Lebanese government, the Wikipedia article on politics in Lebanon is a good place to start.
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Lebanon is most definitely not a Muslim country. It is pretty much defined by its religious divides and it doesn't so much have a Christian president as it is required to have a Christian president (and a Sunni Muslim prime minister and so on...) in a negotiated peace settlement.
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Alees Samaan is a female Christian politician in Bahrain. She is the former ambassador to the UK and the first woman to chair a Parliamentary session in the region.
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Here's a Christian mayor in Turkey
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The other thing that is worth mentioning is that London didn't elect a Muslim Mayor, we elected a Labour Mayor. His personal religion happens to be Muslim. But that's not why he was elected. He was elected because he was the Labour party candidate. Comparisons with other countries in which religion is an important factor in elections may not be helpful...
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Senegal is 90+ percent Muslim and its first post-independence president, Léopold Sédar Senghor, was Catholic (and is still much beloved.) The presidents since Sengor have all been Muslim, but at least two of them have interfaith (Muslim/Catholic) marriages. There are almost certainly other current Senegalese politicians who are Catholic.
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And Boutros Boutros Ghali was Egypt's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs from 1977 until early 1991, a Coptic Christian. He later became Secretary General of the UN.
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I'm just looking for examples of Christian politicians in Muslim countries, not whether those Christians are there because of constitutional quirks, or whether Kahn was elected because of the party he represented, or any other quibbles - just examples of Christian politicians in Muslim countries.

Thanks for the excellent examples provided so far!
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Christian woman Februniye Akyol elected mayor in Turkey in 2014.
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Saddam Hussein's foreign minister Tariq Aziz was a Chaldean Christian.
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