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Planning an impromptu get-away to Milwaukee next week. Any tips on family activities? Restaurant, shopping or local event advice?

We're staying in Bay View, but can travel a bit. I know of the children's museum, Discovery Center and Milwaukee Zoo (is the zoo worth it?) How would you prioritize your time on a quick trip to MKE?
Are the domes still a thing? I loved the domes as a kid. And is the jellybean factory in Sheboygan still open? I'd love to hear any advice for great food or shopping too. We are traveling with kids, but will also have some free time alone - so grown-up restaurant and bar advice is also welcome. I have toured the Harley Museum and Lakeshore Brewery (they were both great!)
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Best answer: Check out this question for some not-too-old suggestions!

...and your timing is medium-excellent: the domes closed earlier this year b/c concrete was falling from them. The big one JUST reopened last week, but the other two are still closed.
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Best answer: Sprecher brewery?
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Best answer: What days will you be here and how old are the kids?

Check out one of the park beer gardens. Estabrook is great, but Humboldt park in BV has one too and it is really nice. There is also one at South Shore, also in BV, but more commercial beer selection than the others. All three have playgrounds nearly adjacent.

Domes is not fully open right now. Discovery World is okay for older kids, not great for littles (and pricey). Art Museum was recently remodeled and is great. Milwaukee Public Museum is nice too.

Sprecher tour is pretty good, and has soda tasting in addition to the beer tasting. Fish fry at Lakefront Brewery on Friday and Sat evening is a lot of fun- includes a polka band. Lunch at Lakefront is nice too and much quieter.
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Best answer: Custard at Leon's
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Best answer: Yes, the zoo is worth it. Can't comment on other stuff for kids. You could go to a Brewers game, the stadium is quite nice. I think you can walk around it on non-game days.

Restaurants in Bay View -

Honeypie (American)
Hue (Vietnamese)
Sven's (coffee, limited breakfast)
Anodyne (coffee)
Pastiche (expensive French place)

Nearer downtown -
Jing's (Chinese)
Milwaukee Ale House
Hamburger Mary's
Chez Jacques (inexpensive French)
La Merenda (tapas)
Tin Widow (fancy bar)
La Fuente (Mexican)

North of downtown -
Comet Cafe (good for brunch)
Beerline Cafe (vegetarian)
Foundation (tiki bar)
Maharaja (Indian)
Casablanca (Middle Eastern)
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Oh man, Bryant's Cocktail Lounge is unbelievable. I'm sitting in the East Village right now and yet I'm not sure I could find a cocktail bar as enjoyable as that one.
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