christian themed healthcare in England?
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A friend of mine is a former Methodist preacher who wants to become a carer support worker in England. He sees caring as an extension of ministry. He really wants to work, but getting him to put aside his faith to get the job is a suggestion he won't take. Are there Christian-centred care homes in England? How do I find them?
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palliative care includes "Religious and spiritual support".
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Yes, there are hordes of these things. My uncle lives in one. I just googled "Christian care homes" and a huge bunch of them came up.

Methodist Homes For The Aged looks like a good place to start.
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I'm not sure putting aside faith is a requirement. Could he be inspired internally to care for people in a secular environment? Can he go somewhere that allows him to conduct a spiritual service each week, or connect on an explicit spiritual level with people who are open to it?

To find places: I'd ask faith communities where their sick or elderly people go. I'd check for an association of faithbased providers. In the US, many places are run or funded by religious groups with varying doctrine and commitment. You could research by denomination. Some kind of ecumenical place might be a good fit.
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Should've just googled this. Thanks everyone x
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