How to Create a Training Video
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I need to learn how to create a training video. It needs to be able to capture what I am doing on my computer screen, while recording my accompanying dialog. I see these all the time on youtube, but I am unsure how to get started. Where can I find some free training, and/or what kind of software/equipment do I need? Thanks!
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Adobe captivate will be helpful.
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Here's a great, very simple tutorial. And part two of the tutorial. (This is for Mac. There are lots of PC tutorials around as well. Let me know if that's what you need.)
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Camtasia Studio is another option. Both Camtasia and Adobe Captivate have free trials (linked from their respective pages).
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This really depends on what kind of computer you have. On a Mac, you can do a simple screencapture using Quicktime (it's called a Screen Recording) and the built-in microphone.

If you want to edit it, you would do well with Camtasia - it's very simple (especially the version for Mac) and has a great series of tutorials on YouTube.
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We do these on jing for short demos.
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I have access to both Mac and PC.
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I use Screenflow for the Mac. It's around 90 bucks I think, and does very well. It is worth investing in an external mic, and make sure you have:

1. Your window sized appropriately for your output. If you want HD output, use a 16:9 aspect ratio.
2. Your audio input levels high enough.

My only other advice to you is to write a script. Then record the audio. Then do the video. And try to pause between each sentence--that makes it easy to do audio editing afterwards.
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Microsoft Snip may have enough tools that you need to start. Captivate is better if you need to quiz users (eg have people click somewhere and give feedback).
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I like Camtasia for this. A couple of things I have learned (basically agree with Kafkaesque)

- Plan out what you're going to do and say ahead of time
- Record video slowly and deliberately. You can always cut and speed things up later.
- Record audio and video separately.
- Get a decent external mic, it will go a long way towards improving video quality.
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Camtasia is my go-to for this (I'm an instructional technologist, so I give this advice a lot). It's very easy to use, does screen capture, audio recording, editing, captioning, and you can annotate the screen, zoom in and out on sections after you've already done the recording, and the UI is very easy to learn.

Captivate is probably way overkill for this task. Captivate is great when you need real interactivity for your project. You want your users to be able to click buttons, answer quiz questions, navigate asychronously, etc... It's also way more expensive than Camtasia.

You can learn Camtasia using, or use their own support training videos. Honestly if you're at all remotely computer literate you can be up and running with Camtasia in an afternoon.
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You don't need to spend money for an app. On Mac use Quicktime to record the screen video and use Audacity for audio recording and editing. Then assemble them together using iMovie. Or hire someone to assemble it for you.
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Seconding quicktime + audacity. I do it all the time for recording training sessions that I'm giving.
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CamStudio is a free option for Windows, early versions of Captivate were based on CamStudio.
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