Should I DTMFA? Laptop edition
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The screen on my HP Pavilion dv4 goes completely white when I turn it on. Is repairing it worth it?

A couple of years ago my father upgraded his laptop and gave me his old HP Pavilion dv4. Some time later the screen went completely white as I was about to type in my password and since then it´s the only colour it shows when I turn it on.

I have postponed repairing it, because I haven´t had much need for a laptop, but that is changing, and I will have to either fix this or buy a new (for me) computer. The main use I will give it is editing short videos.

I have no clue if this is something as simple as a broken cable or if the whole screen needs to be replaced (maybe someone here has seen this happen before?).

Because I´m moving to another country next week I can´t take weight I won´t need. Is it worth it to take the whole laptop with me and have it repaired or should I just take the hard drive to salvage the stuff I have in there?

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Pull the hard drive and toss the rest. That's usually a fried motherboard, which those are prone to have.
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You shouldn't put any money into a laptop that old. Seconding what deezil said.

If you wanted to see what was going on, you could plug in an external monitor and see if video shows on the external monitor. If it does it might be a loose cable, but probably not.

In any case you're not going to want to edit video on an 8 year old laptop.
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I bought a former business lease Lenovo Thinkpad with an i5 quad core and a 14.1" screen on Amazon for $133, shipped on Amazon about eight months ago. I can't imagine they could fix a fried motherboard for less than that, and the Thinkpad would be an upgrade in power.

Like deezil says, just salvage the drive. Buying a better used one later will be cheaper and more worthwhile than fixing this one.
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