Do you have a favorite can opener?
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I would like to find an excellent, reliable and easy-to-use electric can opener. Easy enough that my 9 year old could use. Thanks!
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I have a favorite can opener. It's not electric though. It's this one. It's definitely easy enough for your 9 year old to use because I've taken it to Girl Scout meetings and the kindergarten level Daisies have been able to open cans. I know you specified electric, but if a manual one ticks all your other boxes, it might be worth taking a look. Plus you'll be able to open a can of soup during a power outage!
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I have a ez-duz-it can opener from Fante's and it is the best can opener I have ever used. Not electric, though.

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Thanks! I had just assumed a child couldn't use a manual one. This will be great & safe.
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If it's OK to talk manual, swing-a-way is a classic for a reason, and I started using it at about that age if not younger!
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If you are getting a manual one, be sure to get one that fits with the child's handedness. Left handed can openers are a thing.
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The Sweethome has both manual and electric picks.
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I bought the Kuhn Rikon and it has been perfect. It works so smoothly it doesn't seem like it's working, but it totally works great. And it works for my lefty too!
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