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Home canned pickles from 2008 - yay or nay?

My MIL has been canning for years and gave us some home made pickles in 2008. We discovered they were still in the fridge. Should we try them or toss them? They were canned in glass jars. TIA!
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Pressure or just boiled canning? If it's vinegar based and pressure canned, maybe try out, but don't have high hopes. Even still, that's eight years!
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If the seal is good, they should be eatable but most likely mushy.

-Ms. Clav
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If the seal is sealed and the button's not popped, eat away!
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Even if they are safe to eat, they will probably be mushy and gross. Pickling doesn't preserve things forever.
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Oh god no. They will be gross even if they don't kill you.
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Naw. The benefit of eating the pickles: negligible.

The risk: also negligible, but come on.
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Were they refrigerator pickles? Or properly canned using a boiling water bath?

Properly canned, probably yes, but desirable probably no. If your MIL is still around, ask for a new batch.
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Canned, seal still sealed? Give 'em a go.
We've been eating 2010 pickles for the last half year and they are absolutely fantastic and not mushy at all. I had serious misgivings about the first jar but we are all still alive and well and very happy with our superb and crisp old pickles.
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ETA: If you've opened the jar already, i.e. they don't still have their original seal, I'd probably pass.
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Adding to the chorus of almost certainly safe, maybe not very good.
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Open. smell, and then taste.

Minced/diced, they'd probably contribute to some amazing deviled eggs.
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I will eat most anything regardless of dates, left out, etc. I would not try these.
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It depends on how carefully they were packed, but I've eaten tomatoes and pickles at least 25 years old. Hell, I've eaten plum jam in 1996 that was canned in 1958.

So if they were still sealed and you trust her packing, I'd totally go for it.
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Ew. No. And I'm almost always an Eat It person.
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I probably wouldn't (and I do a bunch of home canning).

I doubt they would actually make you sick (as long as the seal is intact when you open them and they smell ok), though, so you could try them and see what you think...

(But yeah, I'd toss'em)
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LOL thanks for the suggestions and advice. They are not refrigerator pickles. They have never been opened.

We'll give them a go tomorrow and I'll post an update - eating them on a work night seemed like a worse idea ;)
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