How do I get beer out of a car's carpet?
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A growler exploded in my girlfriend's passenger seat, spilling beer all over. What's the best way to clean it up so that we don't smell it every time it gets warm or humid? Thanks!
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Try a cleaner that contains hydrogen peroxide (which works on breaking down organic materials) Check the carpet for color fastness first. If the beer is quite hoppy you might want to follow up with a solvent like diluted Pine Sol to break down any residual aromatic oils left behind by the peroxide.
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Hydrogen peroxide may bleach the carpet. Something like Nature's Miracle might help. It's an enzymatic cleaner marketed for cleaning up pet urine smells--and its great for that--so might help here. Look for it at pet stores.
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You need to extract the beer. I have a Bissell SpotClean Cleaner because one of my cats has a urethra of vengeance.

You could probably rent a carpet cleaner, but your going to need one with a small attachment that gets suction on small surfaces.
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We've done this. We hat a twelve pack explode after a cold winter night a number of years ago.

A hot water carpet cleaner is the way to go. It may require two or three washings but it will work entirely and it's safe for the fabric.
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Suction or absorb as much as possible and then douse liberally with rubbing alcohol and let dry. You may need to do a few cycles of dousing, but it'll do a great job of neutralizing the organic material and won't bleach upholstery.
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Natures Miracle works wonders. It's an enzymatic cleaner that works great on any organic spill that I've used it on.

I'd also recommend a steam cleaner. You can probably rent one.
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Kitty litter to absorb moisture and a shop vac.
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Hit it with Tuff Stuff, shopvac it out, repeat as necessary
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Get the car detailed. Also, buy and use a cargo net.
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