There must be a (lead capture) app for that
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Sharing a booth at a conference next week with two other companies. We'd like a simple app available on both Android and iOS that simply captures business cards and reads QR codes, saving the data locally as a csv file that we can import into a spreadsheet later.

I've downloaded about 7 different apps and all suck or require paid accounts on some proprietary backend. There must be a simple self-contained solution that I'm just not finding. Anybody know what it is?
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We struggled with this, and I think the industry struggles in general with this because there are a few big corporations who monetize this process, thus making it as difficult as possible to get this done without renting their (usually) exorbitantly priced scanners, which are then used to sort out a CSV you get sent after the floor closes.


Take pictures of the cards with an app that does the scan off the photo (my buddy recommends CamCard, I've never used it) or just get the cards from them and feed them into a card scanner each evening, which will probably come with OCR software to generate that CSV for you, and get a free QR code app that will keep a log of the previous scans.
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Have you tried Scannable? It is iPhone only, so you'd have to use the pro version of Evernote on the Android devices (5.99 per month) for the same features. I know Scannable works well for business cards, but I am not sure about QR codes.
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