What is that major event in Europe at the end of July?
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The French embassy in my neck of the woods issued a statement basically saying that, due to an upcoming major event in one of the Schengen countries at the end of July, processing visas would take 10 days instead of the usual 2 days because said country had asked to vet the applicants first. This piqued my curiosity: what major event could that possibly be? I think it's not the Euro 2016 because that starts in June.
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At "my" embassy, we have bigger safety precautions because of the G7 summit that could lead to more protests everywhere, so the event would not even have to be in Europe to cause safety procedures to get stricter.
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Possibly World Youth Day 2016, which is 25–31 July in Kraków, Poland?
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Probably the NATO summit in Poland on July 8-9th?
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Tour De France?
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The finals of Euro 2016 are in July (first half though). Wouldn't surprise me given the Paris attacks (which partly targeted a football match) that they are tightening security around big football events.
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Tour de France is July 2-24, in the French/Swiss Alps the final week, and ending in Paris.

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