Should I get a Solidox torch?
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There's one for sale on Craigslist for $20. Anyone used one? Know where I can get the Potassium chlorate "solid oxygen" pellets?

I would use it primarily for bicycle frames - fillet brazing thin-wall steel tubing. I've used Oxy-MAPP torches in the past and found them underpowered for the job, but with a full-size Oxy-Acetlyne rig I rarely use more than a #1 tip.

I can't find much info online, and they apparently haven't been made since the 80s. I would love testimonials/reviews from anybody who's tried one.
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It looks like the only way to get the pellets would be to find some thirty year old NOS ones in a can on the dusty shelf of a hardware store.
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It's been a very long time since I used one (and they weren't common here anyway), but I don't recall they were better than a modern oxy/MAPP torch anyway (and, at least in theory, oxy/MAPP should be better than oxy/propane).
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I bought one from Sears.

It was less than worthless.

You light the pellets on fire and they burn rapidly and produce oxygen and an indescribable, nose-searing stink.

If you are thinking of starting a museum of things that never should have been manufactured or sold, it might be worth $20 or more; otherwise, no.
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If you don't have one already, just bite the bullet and buy a oxy-acetylene setup. You'll have more flexibility for other tasks in the future and you won't have to worry about finding pellets that are probably going to be increasingly unobtanium.
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