Need something to carve
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I am in intermediate sculptor and am looking for someplace to find a good piece of wood to carve, such as curly maple, walnut or mahogany. I live in the Philadelphia area and would love to find a shop here or someplace on the internet. Any suggestions?
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How big of a piece are you looking for?

Mahogany carves very easily, and I have seen fairly large cross sections of mahogany in extruded forms from bar supply places for use as a rounded armrest. I have seen it ridiculously cheap like this, probably because it is old inventory.
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Maple is not very conducive to carving BTW.
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The folks in Philadelphia who can point you in the right direction are at the Wood Turning Center. They are based in Philadelphia and would know where to get the "good stuff". Online, they link to the following:

Exotic Wood Group

Island Woodcraft

Walnut Burl

Bell Forest Products

(Here in Chicago, when we want some fabulous wood, we go to Wood World. Yes, it is a goofy name and a pretty vanilla website but I can tell you from experience that their wood? It's pretty darn awesome (especially the exotics.)
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Somebody here may be able to help.
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It's not local (well, local-ish), but if you're in New York check out the Compleat Sculptor. They have a good selection of stuff downstairs at their store. I got a piece of rosewood there that came out a treat.
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If you want stuff to practice on, find a business that use wood in a product and get their scrap. Guitars and gunstocks both need nice wood of a certain shape. If there's an imperfection that prevents them from getting an entire piece, then they discard the whole thing. When I lived in Bozeman, MT near the Gibson factory, there was a lot of mahagony availible to the workers. I heard that people near the old Winchester factory in Mass. would burn reject walnut gunstocks for firewood.
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