Where are the cheese crackers of yesteryear?
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CVS Gold Emblem Cheese Crackers used to be awesome. They changed. I'd like to find out if anyone still makes them the old way?

They were about 1" square, very light, really flaky and crisp. I just bought a box and they either changed manufacturers or recipe -- the new crackers are thicker, smaller, and taste different - they're now pretty much identical to Cheez-Its. The box actually changed design months before the crackers changed, and there's no labeling on the package to indicate the crackers are different.

I know house brands usually come from the same big-brand manufacturers as name brands - so is anyone still selling the cracker I liked? I'm fine with a big brand or a supermarket house brand - surely it must be out there somewhere? The only hitch is it has to have kosher certification (which might be a clue? That tends to be pretty rare in snacks that contain cheese).
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The Target brand are kosher, but that's not really the question you're asking, I have no idea how the flavor compares to CVS or Cheezits.
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Spitballing here, but I wonder if they took out the trans fats.
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Not trying to threadsit, but maybe if I give a better description it would help if anyone's tasted something similar?

The original version was about twice as big as the current version, about an inch square. It was very thin and crisp, and a bit wavy - not totally flat or uniform from one to the next (the new cracker is thicker and chewier, and they all look identical). I also don't remember it having a hole in the center, but the original box design seems to show one so I could be wrong about that.
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I know exactly what you mean. The old ones were about 1-2 mm. thick and almost shattered when you crunched them. The current ones are more than twice as thick, and are much doughier--you're exactly right when you say they're like Cheez-Its now.

I found that the Rold Gold Three Cheese Pretzel Thins are pretty close to the old CVS crackers. Not quite the same, but the nearest I've found in terms of texture.

Good to know there's someone else who misses the old crackers as much as I do.
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