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Hi I would like to send email newsletters to my clients (about 100) and would like to do it all in-house. Are there good programs or tools to do this. If possible, I would like to know who reads it (I know ... privacy) by using images? / some sort of tracking if possible. Any ideas?
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To answer part 2:

At least 90% of your audience is going to use a mail program which automatically blocks "web bugs" and other non-inline images (Yahoo, gmail, and Hotmail block these, as do Thunderbird and recent versions of Outlook).

If tracking is an absolute requirement, you could just send a mail that says "Go to (http://blabla) to read this month's newsletter" and put the newsletter on your web server - however this method requires a bit more effort on the part of the reader and many clients may not bother to click through.
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Best answer: You COULD send them out and and ask for a read receipt, but lord knows how effective that is. I send out one myself (for a band) with a list of around 300 people, and I find a combination method works best.

We bought MailListKing and it's a snap to use. If you can justify it, it's only $50.
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Oops. by "combination" I mean both an html mail with images as well as text. The program will do that for you.

Basically, if the client does block the images, the text version will show.
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You don't say which platform you're on. If it's Mac try NewsLetter it's free.
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Hands down, lay down winner for this (aside from it being a webapp) is Campaign Monitor
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Best answer: I like mailchimp - it does the tracking for you automatically
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