Please help me find my favorite Inc. trousers (Ladie's edition)
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My favorite pants, the ones I'd wear to work every day if I had more than one pair, have seemingly been discontinued. Please help me replace them.

They are kind of like the ones here.

The pair I have on are boot cut, pull on with a very heavy stretchy fabric and a seam. They are forgiving to the belly and the booty. I want 50 of the same ones!

Any ideas on where I can find something similar?
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I really can spell ... That should be "lady's" edition.
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Dress pant yoga pants are, in my opinion, the best pant ever invented. They are pull-on with a fairly heavy stretchy fabric and come in bootcut. No seam though, and not especially cheap if that's an issue. Maybe worth a shot though?
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Do they have to be rayon/nylon and ponte? Do they have to be boot cut? What parts are critical and what has wiggle room?

Lands' End has a good collection of ponte pants, but no boot leg cur -- there are some arguments that the cut is starting to look dated so if you're buying 50 pairs (heh) that might not be the style to invest heavily in if you give a toss about trends (and if you don't, that's cool too). The "Starfish" knit pants might be of interest.

LL Bean has these Perfect Fit Pants, Boot-Cut, but they are 90% cotton, which might come off as a little less dressy -- the cut looks right and the reviews and price are great, though.

I looked at with no luck -- I think you will run into difficulty looking for heavier black pants at this time of year; nil desperandum if they don't show up -- just wait 'til next August!

ETA: oops. I am unofficially no longer recommending Lands' End. Quality and price issues factor in there as well, but, after that it dropped off my shopping radar.
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NYDJ ponte pants are very stretchy and quite heavy. The boot cut pants are more boot cut in person than they appear in this photo.
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Those dress yoga pants could be the ticket!!
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I have some black office pants that are similar, except they have pockets (front pockets are fake, back pockets are real) and a button and zip fly. They are these Faded Glory ponte bootcut pants from Wal-Mart. I picked these up at a thrift store and really love them (I actually thought Faded Glory was a KMart brand until I just Googled to find them) and am shocked at how nice they are. If they came in more colors I would be all over them. They also apparently come in a skinny cut but that one's sold out.
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I'd suggest Express though they're a bit pricey. I find them comfortable. Perhaps the Studio Stretch Barely Boot Editor cut.
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