Current closet organization apps for Android?
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This question "Daily look" & closet organizer app for Android? is exactly what I'm wanting to set up, but these apps don't appear to be current.

What is around in this day and age to track and maintain a database of outfits? The idea of updating my LibreOffice database is far too daunting for me.
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I use mydressing to organise my clothing (I'm currently doing project 333).

It has less features than some of the other apps - it doesn't track often you wear a piece of clothing and then work out whether it was a good buy. The outfit organiser is a bit clunky but quite quick.

I like the app enough that I haven't bothered to look for something else.

I invested quite a lot of time in setting it up. I found stock images of all my clothes so that it looked nice when I made outfits. You create categories and then sub types so I have Accessories with the sub type earrings and necklaces etc.
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There is a good (recent) rundown here. Most are available for Android.
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