Best way to play game to reduce lag?
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Is there any way to reduce the lag while playing I have the same problem while using the iphone 6s app (wifi), playing on the iphone browser (wifi), and playing on my computer.

I tried playing in incognito mode, Firefox, google chrome, deleting my browser history, deleting my extensions.

How am I supposed to procrastinate for finals with all this lag?!
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I can only speak to the browser version, but have you tried setting it to the lower quality setting?
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Have you switched the graphics to "low quality"? I've found that helps a little.
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A fair amount of the lag might be server-side or network congestion. That can't be helped with anything you do.
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I've been using a userscript on which blanks out the background and reduces glow, and it's helped quite a bit.
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