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Full Bust Adjustment on a triangle top. How does one do this? I'm sure I'm over thinking this, but I'm confused due to the lack of armscye. Will I still have to use darts?

I'm making this workout top and need to do a FBA. How do I do that on a top like that? Just a normal FBA and smoosh out the dart? But there's not really an armscye so I'm a little confused on the mechanics of that. Or do I slash and spread it down the middle of the triangle? I also want to make this sports bra . and didn't know if it would it would be a normal FBA or something a little different since it has to have support. These would be for low impact activities like dance. I still want some support, but high impact support is not necessary.
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You'll need to add length as well as width. I would probably just cut the front of the top in a larger size, but cut the straps to my 'correct' size (corresponding to high bust measurement). I can't see the dart on the line drawing, but assuming it's at the bottom centre of the triangle, I'd leave it in, to add shape. For the sports bra, I would cut the front in a larger size than the back.
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I would be pretty careful with both those patterns if you need an FBA. For the triangle top, you could make it wider (I would use slash and spread, maintaining the curve through the bottom) and then add more gathers to bring it back to your underbust size. For the other one, I would try making one as-is but I wouldn't have high hopes for it. I think you might want to consider buying a pattern that has cup sizes. This one looks like it might work?
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