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My kid wants a Nexo Knight birthday party. I want to buy themed tableware and decor because I Am Not A Pinterest Mom. Please help make this happen. In three weeks.

I need easy, easy, easy. I am somewhat crafty, but I am willing to throw money at this if it gets me the luxury of laziness. I have searched all of the usual suspects and come up empty. I have seen the invites and printables at Lego.com and etsy, but I'm looking for plates, balloons and other decor. If you have awesome ideas on how to make his birthday a Nexo Knight party, I will love you forever (or at least until the party is over, whichever comes first).
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Well, this at least gets you Lego-themed tableware...

Then there's Candy Blox, a sure hit with young Lego fans.
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Amazon lead me to this plates/balloons set which is knight themed and matches the toys.

My mom blew my sis away one year when sis asked for a She-Ra party and my mom presented her with a normal chocolate birthday cake with a really cool She-Ra doll posed on top of it. So I say, get some of the toys for table decor: at each place setting, have a toy with a tag with the kid's name on it placed on a silver plate. Put a bunch on the cake. Yay! Balloons can just be in coordinating colors and/or the birthday boy's fave color.
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A Lego Nexo Knights movie viewing, perhaps?

Rousing game of pin the bell on the Jesto hat? Decorate-your-own knight sword (you can cut the basic shape from heavy cardboard)?
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Keep 'em coming! I'm digging the patterned plates.
Just to be clear, I dont need game or activity ideas (I'm hosting the party at a gymnastics facility), I just need decor.
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Brick balloons with a knight keychain attached to each one?
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Those little shields are adorable. I would print a bunch of those out. Easy to make a banner and little ones are great to make cupcake picks. Put those every where with just coordinating colored crepe paper and balloons.

How many kids? I know you want easy but a trip to the craft store, pick up the 3 dollar t shirts and a iron on pack, and every kid could have a T-Shirt with a different shield.
You could make one for just the birthday boy.
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Fwiw, I've found that theme plates and balloons are really secondary to a cake and goody bags. With a cake you can get a topper of anything on Etsy. Goody bags - the cheapest item of this show/theme.
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I always have a tight budget and what's worked best has been picking a strong colour theme - just go with bright yellow plastic tablecloths and matching lego blue plates and cups for the wares. Add lots of silver balloons all over the places. That's going to cheaply fill in your area with lots of strong bright colour blocks, and then you just need to have 2-3 detailed awesome things that the kids can focus on.

Buy things directly from a place like this. The favour boxes shaped like castles are cool - you could line them up to make a mini castle on a table for a play table with figurines - ask guests to bring action figures to the party. Inflatable swords look relatively safe and a lot of fun for a bunch of kids to run around whacking at each other with. Hang pennant flags up with balloons for extra decoration (but I wouldn't bother - the kids won't look up at the wall, this is to impress other parents).

It would be super neat to have a costume set or two of knight's regalia - shields and helmets and stuff, and a backdrop behind so the kids could take turns getting dressed up and taking photographs of themselves dressed up as a proper knight looking scary. I would totally get the dragon piƱata or a backdrop of a painted dragon for the kids to pretend to fight, or encourage them to goof in front, and designate an adult to take snaps of the kids being brave. If you can have a photo printer at the party to print on the spot or a fujimax instant camera, that will be a big hit for kids. Do not have princess gowns - just go straight knights for everyone.

In my experience, kids don't wear party hats if they're doing active events, they're better for adult events. A cool play toy - a plastic shield or sword at each table - would be a better table place setting.

Don't worry about a banner beyond the basic Knight-themed Happy Birthday or even a generic happy birthday one. As long as it has your kid's name, he'll be happy.

The biggest thing is the cake, and there, the biggest wins are either getting a really great picture (commission a lego knight-themed art print with him in it as a birthday present poster or take a photo of him dressed up in a knight costume and have it also printed as cake icing decoration, bakeries do this easily from a standard jpeg now for a sheet cake) or buy a bunch of cool lego knight figurines and stick them directly on a yummy cake with candles, let him keep all the figurines. Do not pay $XXX for a fancy fondant decorated cake - they taste bleh, kids don't care how pretty the fondant looks in comparison, and you'll be disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm. Those are appreciated by adults, not the kids.

Oh, and for a take-home, a goblet is AWESOME. A plastic fancy-looking goblet (you can order these from a regular dinnerware store even) that will make the kids feel like they are all old-time kings and queens and then if you get them to toast the birthday kid, and they can have as a special Royal Goblet, is a functional but cool gift.
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I ended up doing balloons (myself) in Nexo Knight colors, table settings with a knight mask and a foam sword and shield for each child. I dragged out my sewing machine and made a stuffed Jestro for the kids to whack with their swords. Fun was had by all. Thank you all for the suggestions! While what I wanted was to just snap my fingers and have it done, you all gave me enough easy ideas to get this birthday done.
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