Need ideas on giving away door prizes at company picnic
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We have been gathering some items to give away at our company picnic to about 150 employees, we will be able to make sure every employee gets a prize.

There will be 3 big prizes and the rest will be smaller prizes. What would be a fun way to give these out? We have thought about putting items in a plain bag so they could not see what it was, but the big prizes will be a big hint I am afraid. Maybe we should just give out the three big prizes and then let everyone else have a bag afterwards? Any ideas welcome.
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A conference I was at with about 100 people drew tickets for everyone during final dinner- the big three prizes (worth a couple hundred bucks) were left for the last three tickets drawn, and people who were pulled earlier all got to choose from the displayed smaller prizes. That way, there was an interesting mix of hoping you were pulled early so you'd get to choose what you really wanted, and hoping you weren't pulled until the three tickets since those were reserved for the the Big Deal prizes.
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Can you have an empty box or envelope in those three bags saying "Congratulations, you've won TK, see TK to pick it up."?
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When we did giveaways at the (absolutely massive) employee picnic, the mobile "big" prizes were on display behind where the executive types gave their speeches, some big prizes weren't present at all, and the physical thing big winners got right when they won was a photo of the big item. This was because most of the prizes were gift cards - basically, from the HR perspective, all the prizes could fit in a single shoebox.

Which I have to say I appreciated, as an HR type who does not want to haul a bicycle or a flat-screen TV anywhere.
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Everyone who comes in gets a raffle ticket. At a designated time, you pull the tickets with much fanfare! In a trombola! And then people get to choose their prizes in the order in which their tickets are drawn.
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As others said, raffle tickets, perhaps enclosed with the invite to the party, or part of the info packet handed out on site.

No one wants to sit and listen to 150 ticket numbers being read out, so I would give everyone a base prize (I'm assuming it's some kind of tchotchke or coupon and giving out a few more won't hurt the budget much), then draw tickets for the big items. If you have more than a few nicer prizes, do a drawing, but also make sure people can claim their prize at the office the next week. Because again, no one goes to a picnic to listen to people read ticket numbers, so you won't ever have everyone's attention.
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