What are the best job search sites in 2016?
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It's been a long time since I looked for a job and a recruiter got me my current gig. Have you looked for a job in the past year? If so, how did you go about it?

Indeed feels clunky and slow and very "web 2.0" (aren't we on 5.0 by now?). Is there a nice, shiny site somewhere that companies use to post job ads nowadays?

If it matters, I'm a software engineer, mainly looking to work with Java or other JVM languages, but I have experience with some other platforms, too. I'm interested in distributed computing and "big data" systems.
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Indeed is definitely the best place to post job ads. There's no bullshit, and alerts are awesome. That said, the more the merrier. Cross-post on Hacker News (1st of the month threads), LinkedIn Jobs, and Stack Exchange.
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Re-reading this, let me rephrase and suggest that you apply for jobs on all of those platforms because they are great for both parties.
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angel.co if you're into startups
news.ycombinator.com has a "Who's Hiring?" thread on the first of every month, so this Sunday.
craigslist.org yes craigslist
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It sometimes depends on where you want to work. There are location-dependent job websites. You'll find the occasional job ad in topic/interest-based listservs, too.
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Anthology (used to be Poachable) is right up your alley.
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I'm a programmer in the Bay Area and I just looked for a new job last holiday season. Here were the mass market job posty things I used that worked well:

1. Triplebyte. They introduced me to multiple companies that seemed very attractive.
2. Hired. Also introduced me to multiple companies that seemed attractive.
3. The HN who's hiring thread.
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